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Sustainable living acquired a bit of a bad rap over the years.  From extremist position visions of zombie apocalypse shelters to real little houses on the prairie – any way you splice it, the vision often doesn’t mesh well with the advances of our modern world.

As someone who grew up watching Laura Ingles, I certainly day-dreamt about hanging out in that simpler time, but it wasn’t like I was willing to give up my Billy Idol t-shirt or Star Wars figure collection to get there.

Though I opt to embrace a sustainable lifestyle today, I’m still resistant to giving up certain things like my smart phone or dishwasher.  Instead, I make informed decision about the products I purchase, reduce energy use whenever and wherever possible, and reuse, repurpose and recycle.  To conserve resources, to grow your own food, raise your own backyard chickens and to utilize all the glorious tools nature gifts us is not only practical, it’s doable!

Sustainable living boasts no boundaries. You don’t need massive amounts of acreage or even a fenced-in backyard. We may not be 100 percent sustainable in our lifestyle, but we can become better in-tune with our environment and conscientious of our actions. Like all aspects of life, it’s about balance, finding ways to live a greener, cleaner life within the parameters of your current lifestyle.

I’m guess you are here to join me on this journey (or maybe you just stopped by for a recipe idea – that’s okay, too!)  Whatever brought you to, I’m glad you chose to visit and I hope you grab a cup o’ Joe and stick around for the continued conversation!

Push Down on the Safety Bar and Hold on Tight! We are on This Sustainable Ride Together!

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Getting Laid: Everything You Need to Know About Raising Chickens, Gardening and Preserving — with Over 100 Recipes!

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Whatever the reason, the good news is all of the above motivators are real, tangible end-results of sustainable living!

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Barb Webb is a sustainable living expert nesting in Appalachian Kentucky. When she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s writing about country living and artisan culture.

Born under the earth sign, Taurus, she arrived in the world ready to start nurturing, digging and planting! She believes Irish cuisine is seriously undervalued and that if we simply open our minds and hearts to listen, the universe is an excellent guide.

An award-winning author, with a diverse publishing background ranging from curriculum design to social media, Barb has been featured in magazines such as Woman’s World, Country Woman, Redbook, MSN Money, Women’s Day, and Taste of Home Simple & Delicious.

Barb Webb Barb Webb is also the Owner/Editor of the popular blog and website She’s a columnist for, and

Her husband, three children, new grandchild and all the chickens in the coop indulge her quirks, love of all things green and desire to help others.