Garlic Dill Pickle Canning Recipe & Tips

Garlic Dill Pickles Canning

The fresh snap and crunch of a Garlic Dill Pickle is my favorite sandwich companion.  My family and guests seem to agree as every year I find myself having to can more and more!

There are oodles of great recipes and varieties for pickles, and while I certainly enjoy a sweet pickle, too, the savory and tang taste of a fresh garlic dill pickle is hard to beat.

Pickles are one of the easier items to can.  I find the key to good crunch is in selecting firm, ripe and blemish-free pickling cucumbers and adding a bit of Pickle Crisp.  Cutting the end off the spears can also help ensure a very crisp pickle as the tips often contain microbes that may cause the pickle to soften.

It also pays to wait.  As tempting as it may be to open up a jar and sample the goods right away, letting your pickles sit at least 1-2 weeks prior to opening delivers fabulous results.  Allowing them to sit for a bit lets the pickle full absorb the seasonings and you’ll get the full bang of flavor.



Moscato Wine Jelly

Traditional jammoscato wine jellys or jellies that contain alcohol typically have a fruit base, such as cranberry-wine jelly which combines cranberry juice with burgundy wine.  When you wish to have a pure wine base, the process is similar but you may have to rely on a fruit pectin to help the gelling process.  Though wine is made with grapes, it can be tricky to turn an alcohol into a jelly without achieving an overly soft set.

This recipe for Moscato Wine Jelly is one of my favorites to create each year and its always in high demand from my friends and neighbors.  It’s a lovely gift for the holidays or simply to keep around for a special treat.

Be sure to taste-test Moscato wines or to use your already established favorite in the recipe.  In other words, don’t skimp on the wine choice by grabbing any old bottle off the store shelf.  The results will generally be okay, but the taste will likely be run-of-the-mill boring.  Use a wine that appeals to you already and the results will be spectacular!

I love serving this jelly on special occasions.  It’s a fun treat for brunches or to place out at dessert time with whole grain crackers or shortbread cookies.